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Photo by Heidi Sandstrom

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom


Our wellbeing and health are impacted by all aspects of our daily life, from career to relationships to finances to nutrition. Coaching with Jaime is an opportunity to jumpstart the positive change you’re seeking.

Jaime offers a single session option to Create Your Own Life ToolKit and a more intensive 6-week Coaching Package with options for customization. Her coaching is ideal for motivated individuals at the high school and collegiate levels, and all empowerment-seeking adults.

Photo by Ian Schneider

Photo by Ian Schneider


Are you looking for an uplifting speaker who resonates with the audience and can deliver on how to achieve your version of success, living authentically, and being the change you wish to see in the world? Then Jaime is your gal. She guides you with self-empowering, specific and relevant tools inspired by her journey as an Olympic Medalist and expertise in the Health & Wellness field.

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Jaime is an Olympic Silver Medalist, 2-time World Champion, Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Mama, and Founder of Happy Vibes.

From leading international volunteer and life adventure trips to guiding top professional athletes in self-care management, Jaime’s zest for life has guided her on a courageous journey to following her heart and crafting her own path. Learn more about Jaime here.

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