About jaime

Jaime and Kovy

From leading international volunteer trips to guiding top professional athletes in self-care management, Jaime’s zest for life has guided her on a courageous journey to following her heart and crafting her path.

Jaime is an Olympic Medalist, 2-time World Champion, Empowerment Coach, and Motivational Speaker with a passion for elevating our well-being.

As an Olympic Goalkeeper for the USA Women's Water Polo Team and Wellness Expert, Jaime knows what it takes to perform at your best long-term, tap into a positive mindset, and live and lead purposefully. Jaime radiates a zest for life and inspires positive change. She facilitates empowering and mindful experiences through her speaking, coaching, and "Happy Vibes" bracelets for a diverse clientele of youth, business professionals, and top athletes in the world, including Olympic, Paralympic, and Professional Athletes.

Jaime is a Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles, and certified in Health & Wellness Coaching, Yoga, Pilates, Permaculture, Therapy-Ball Self-Care Practices, and a Master's Candidate in Health & Wellness Coaching with an emphasis in Nutrition. She has spoken at high-level events and businesses such as the Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference and Jeffer Mangels Buttler & Mitchell Law Firm.

Her great passion for world travel, nature, and immersing herself in cultural experiences has led Jaime to living on 3 continents, and traveling to 6. As a mama, she has found new gratitude and joy in making time to simply play, nurturing her creative spirit, and seeing the world from a curious child’s eyes.

For more details on Jaime’s professional expertise and experience, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Jaime recently moved from Southern California to Port Townsend, Washington State with her husband Matt, son Kovy, golden retriever Mosman, and a new baby arriving in the Fall of 2019!

About Happy Vibes Bracelets

Happy Vibes - Balance (1).png

Jaime created Happy Vibes to raise our collective energy and wellbeing. She combines her 25-year love for making jewelry with her passion for empowering people with less inner critic and more Happy Vibes.

"When we live with less inner critic and more Happy Vibes, we feel fulfilled, connected, and empowered. We feel more in tune with ourselves and balanced in our lives. Simply by honoring our own wellbeing, we inspire those around us and spread Happy Vibes."


Our thoughts can greatly impact our physical and emotional health, as well as our sense of happiness and fulfillment. Happy Vibes is rooted in evidence-based mindfulness practices, positive psychology and neuroplasticity, the ability to change our brain by changing the way we think. Happy Vibes raises our vibrations with the metaphysical properties of intentionally energized crystals.