About jaime

Jaime and Kovy

From leading international volunteer trips to guiding top professional athletes in self-care management, Jaime’s zest for life has guided her on a courageous journey to following her heart and crafting her path.

Jaime is an Olympic Silver Medalist, 2-time World Champion, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Founder of Happy Vibes - Tangible reminders for mindful living.

Her great passion for world travel, nature, and immersing herself in cultural experiences has led Jaime to living on 3 continents, and traveling to 6. As a mama, she has found new gratitude and joy in making time to simply play, nurturing her creative spirit, and seeing the world from a curious child’s eyes.

In her 10+ years experience Health and Wellness field, Jaime has empowered a diverse clientele, including youth, women, professionals, and top athletes in the world, including USA Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team, Matt Harvey (World Series Pitcher for New York Mets), Courtney Conlogue (Professional Surfer), UCLA Athletics, MLB athletes, as well as Olympic and Paralympic Athletes.

For more details on Jaime’s professional expertise and experience, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Jaime currently lives in Southern California with her husband Matt, son Kovy, and golden retriever Mosman.